Uncovering consciousness

When someone questions us who we are, our immediate response to it is related to what work we do. “I am an architect”, we simply let our profession define us. But the question arises, how deeply do we understand the connection we have with our profession and how honestly we respond to it?

Do we really feel that architecture has the capability to delineate us? What emotions do we encounter in our mind when we admit that we are architects? Is having knowledge of architecture enough to be an architect, or do we need to know something more?

What is the essence of architecture? What constitutes a good and beautiful building and how do we define beauty?

What is the life of the architecture we create now-a-days?  To what extent our work impacts the lives of people coming in its influence? Is it able to generate emotions and feelings in them? Are we able to fulfil our responsibility as an architect?

Can architecture drive us to be better humans?

The team of architects at VB Design studio is pondering over such questions. We present a series of articles which is a documentation of the discussions at our studio. We believe, in the process of searching for the answers, we will be forced to cogitate on a deeper level. The ultimate aim will be achieving a state of complete cognizance through introspection and contemplation. Only by being self aware, we can move towards self improvement. We have faith that the principles which shape architecture can help shape us as well.

We will undertake this journey towards personal and professional refinement, towards a better self. We will open the doors of our minds to the concepts known and unknown to us and start perceiving things differently. Let’s together embark on this journey. We hope to know better about our profession and hence about ourselves in this process.

Let architecture take us on this sojourn of discovery and transformation from ignorant to sentient beings.


Ar. Ginni Jain,

VB Design Studio


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