Happiness Through Inclusion

सलिल कण हूँ, या पारावार हूँ मैं

स्वयं छाया, स्वयं आधार हूँ मैं

बँधा हूँ, स्वपन हूँ, लघु वृत हूँ मैं

नहीं तो व्योम का विस्तार हूँ मैं

-रामधारी सिंह दिनकर

Contemplative architecture, similarly to meditation, is experiential. It’s a process that a viewer/listener goes through which is unique and consciousness-altering. It’s important to recognize that our moods — when we feel ashamed, anxious, afraid, lethargic, motivated, inspired, or peaceful — are influenced by our built environment.

With this thought, an art installation was created using multi colored hula hoop rings & recycled fabric ropes at Jaipur Art Summit 2017, Jaipur. These fabric ropes were woven around the hula hoop rings by college students and craftsmen in the workshops conducted by our studio, touching us with their extreme devotion and earnest efforts. The decorated rings were then connected through threads and hanged midair to shape the installation.

The design of the space created, was based on a premise, a belief that architecture has the capacity to transform life. The way in which the design’s aspirations were conceived and constructed was aligned with the pursuit of this conviction.

Such space designs aim to capture human emotions and make the viewer aware of his emotions and thus himself. In that ambiance, the viewer needs to open the senses to the environment embracing him. He needs to plunge into the accidental pleasures of sunlight and silence, the pleasure in the simplicity of shapes and colors and the modesty of the materials. He is invited to meditate on the meaning of the abstract shadows.

He then, experiences a deep connection between his emotions and the emotions of the creator, and feels undivided. A rhythm of happiness flows over and inside his body and he feels inclusive. An attempt to pursuit this contentment and joy is called

happiness through inclusion.


Dialogue with Space…

Hey guys!!

Do you think that a Space can talk?

Can we dialogue with the space?

Well, yes we can!

Like humans, the buildings also expect from us. They expect us to understand what they want to say, or how they feel when sun drops it’s excessively hot sunlight on it, when extreme rains ruin its look from outside, when everything gets dried up in the autumn and winter months or any similar thing a building goes through. But have we ever given it a thought? Very few of us would have.

Just imagine, if an architect would have designed a building without even trying to know and understand what it desires, which climate would suit it, what kind of culture is followed around it and what kind of people live there, then do you think he would have designed it the right way? I guess we all know the answer.

Dialogue encourages and empowers us to create something innovative. Many of us would have felt that standing in front of an old eminent building makes us travel through time and takes us to the period of its inception connecting ourselves with the actual thought behind its design. This is how a building communicates.

That is why we believe that in order to create a building or a space that speaks about itself, it is essential to live close to it, and start a dialogue, so deep, that it provokes the space to response and express itself to us. And, this connection between man and space plays a prominent role in creating something that stands out, and who knows when it could turn into a wonder.

to be continued…

DEPTH in colors…

Right from our birth, we have seen a number of colors in our life; may it be the color of sky or sand, flora and fauna, food and drinks, mountains and rivers and even our own skin. But just by seeing these colors, will not make us understand its importance and what it represents. Thus to understand what colors actually say and represent, we need to go in depth of colors.
Have we have thought why we like some colors so much more than other colors around us? People may connect this with the aesthetic aspects of an object but I believe, this happens because the characteristics of that color match the characteristics of our persona. Or maybe, there is no specific reason behind this, may be it’s just a matter of time after which we start liking some other color. But then why we start getting attracted towards a different color after a specific time? It may be possible that all this happens just because of aspects of human behavior or is there any other reason behind this?
This question may confuse many of us, but if we try to find its answer, we can achieve something, that we haven’t yet. I believe that colors have their own world just like the humans have. And when the world of colors comes in contact with the world of humans, what happens is called MAGIC!! This may sound humorous to many people but it’s a truth, it’s something we cannot see by our eyes but can only feel. For example, a person meets many people in his life; with some he feels extremely happy while on the other hand some people make him feel angry or sad. Here, we know that we cannot see sadness or joy being traveled between two people because these things could only be felt.
Similar is the case with colors. They also have a language which cannot be heard by us but can definitely be felt by our soul. Each color creates a different impact on us, and at same time creates a different impact on different human beings. For example, some people believe red is the color of anger and destruction while on the other hand people connect this color with love and holiness. Thus, we can say that every individual has a different kind of connection with colors.
This connection can create wonders if people start thinking in depth. I believe that right from the inception, an individual’s soul keep on searching the color of his thoughts and whenever and wherever it finds that color, he gets an unexplainable feeling of satisfaction and joy.
And we strongly feel that as architects and interior designers it’s our duty to identify and bring those colors in the life of our clients. We should try to recognize the color of the thoughts of our clients, by identifying his personality characteristics, and his desires for his place of dwell. Thus, we believe that this intangible meeting between the client and his color of thoughts help us to create a home of his dreams.
Colors can do miracles that are beyond our imagination and an endeavor to explore these miracles is called DEPTH.

Uncovering consciousness

When someone questions us who we are, our immediate response to it is related to what work we do. “I am an architect”, we simply let our profession define us. But the question arises, how deeply do we understand the connection we have with our profession and how honestly we respond to it?

Do we really feel that architecture has the capability to delineate us? What emotions do we encounter in our mind when we admit that we are architects? Is having knowledge of architecture enough to be an architect, or do we need to know something more?

What is the essence of architecture? What constitutes a good and beautiful building and how do we define beauty?

What is the life of the architecture we create now-a-days?  To what extent our work impacts the lives of people coming in its influence? Is it able to generate emotions and feelings in them? Are we able to fulfil our responsibility as an architect?

Can architecture drive us to be better humans?

The team of architects at VB Design studio is pondering over such questions. We present a series of articles which is a documentation of the discussions at our studio. We believe, in the process of searching for the answers, we will be forced to cogitate on a deeper level. The ultimate aim will be achieving a state of complete cognizance through introspection and contemplation. Only by being self aware, we can move towards self improvement. We have faith that the principles which shape architecture can help shape us as well.

We will undertake this journey towards personal and professional refinement, towards a better self. We will open the doors of our minds to the concepts known and unknown to us and start perceiving things differently. Let’s together embark on this journey. We hope to know better about our profession and hence about ourselves in this process.

Let architecture take us on this sojourn of discovery and transformation from ignorant to sentient beings.


Ar. Ginni Jain,

VB Design Studio